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Toning Belt Reviews

Toning Belt Reviews

Welcome to my site on toning belt reviews, now before we get into reviewing any toning belts i just want to talk about why people feel they have to use them, as in today’s environment and society there is an amazing amount of pressure to look good as everywhere you look there is adverts for some new way to get the perfect body in the shortest amount of time, also it does seem that if you are out of shape that people don’t really respect you as much on first impressions as someone that works out or just looks good, thats what ive come to belive anyway.

The problem most of us face when it comes to getting in shape is the time factor, as getting up another hour or so earlier in the morning to workout on your abs or go to the gym to and have an more intense workout isn’t always possible or practicable, and let’s face it we work hard enough as it is, so if there was another way to tone your abdominals without all the real hard work wouldn’t you have a look at it, well lucky for you there is we call it the abs toning belt, there are many toning belts on the market one of my favourites and the one that gets the best toning belt reviews is the Slendertone Gymbody Plus Unisex Toning Belt, this is a unisex type abdominal toning belt and is a fantastic way to tone your abs while at a desk or just watching telly maybe when you’re out walking your dog, it fits up to a 47” waste has 99 intensity levels and is super easy to use.

Do Abdominal Toning Belts Work?

You may be asking do abdominal toning belts work well I can answer that question for you along with the reviews of this product, the answer is yes, I workout in the gym and use allot of heavy weights and if I do say so myself have quite a good body, but have always struggled to get my abs the way I wanted them, so I thought I would give the toning belt a go and to my Amazement I now without any real effort on sit-ups or crunches have an amazing abdominal section, my abs look much better than when I was trying to get a muscular mid section with sit ups, now don’t be lead into thinking that the abs toning belt will help you lose fat as they don’t , without losing the fat before you use an abdominal toning belt you won’t see any real results, so a good diet is essential before you see any results.

The way a toning belt works is by tightening and relaxing the abs muscle, like a tens machine, if you know anything about weight training then you will know that the most important part of any muscle building exercise is squeezing the muscle at the top of the movement and in-between sets also stretching the muscle without this involved in any exercise you are wasting the full potential to grow the muscle group you are working-out to its full potential.

Try This To See How An Abs Toning Belt Feels

Try this out and you will see what I mean, sit in a chair and lean slightly forward and squeeze your abdominal muscles, if you do this at least 15 times they will start to burn and ache, this is the same principle with an abs toning machine, but it is doing all the work for you, so if  you are at work at your desk or out walking your dog you dont look stupid by leaning forward to tighten your stomach muscles every couple of seconds, if you were going to doing this you might as well be doing actual sit ups instead, so its amazing to think that you can train your abs anywere any time with no real effort.

have a look at the toning belt I have listed here above for you as it is by far one of the best on the market also have a read of all the toning belt reviews people have left after clicking through, i hope this has helped you in your decision on choosing you toning belt, good luck and to your success.


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Best Abdominal Workout For Men | Incorporating An Abs Toning Belt

The Best Abdominal Workout For Men Using An Toning Belt

I recently wrote a post on incorporating an abs toning belt for women in their abdominal workouts, as you will see the best abdominal workout for men isn’t that different in the way of exercises but we are going to turn up the intensity just a bit to get that deep cut look in the abs, we are going to be using a decline bench and a cable machine.

If you haven’t used an abdominal toning belt before then it might be wise before incorporating it into your abs workout use it on its own for a week or two to get used to it, you will be pleasantly surprised at the results it will give you, you may even just want to stick with the toning belt and not do any exercises as the exercises and workout I am going to list here is to get the deep cut look on your abs, bearing in mind that you are on a good diet and you don’t have a load of fat covering your abdominals you will see amazing results.

Click Here To Read The Reviews On The Slendertone System Abs Toning Belt For Men

Best Abs Workout For Men

First of we are going to be laying on a sit-up bench with our head at the feet end holding onto the pads, this is so our feet are were our head usually is when doing a sit up on the sit-up bench, set the abdominal toning belt to a level where you feel most comfortable then raising your legs so they are at a 90 degrees angle to your body then lifting your but up as far as you can squeezing your abs at the top of the movement, the squeeze and stretching of the muscles is the key to any muscle building in any muscle group, make sure you are in time with the toning belt and don’t leave to long of a rest between sets, as the belt will still be working when you are resting.

Do 4-5 sets with 15-20 reps the abdominal exercise will work your lower abs plus your upper abs, believe me his really burns my stomach aches for days after this workout.

The next best exercise is the side bend with a cable held in one hand, this will hit the oblique’s, set the toning belt to the side of your abs and choosing a weight on the machine and standing with your legs shoulder width apart keeping your body straight, keep in time with the belt and bend sideward’s squeezing your side abs when you can’t go any more to the side, complete one side then move onto the other side so complete the full lot of sets and reps then go to the other side.

Keep the sets between 4-5 and the reps between 12-18 , remember all the time you are resting between sets the abs toning belt is still working.

Abdominal Workouts Don’t Have To Be Done Day After Day

The best abdominal workout for men isn’t always about doing tons of sit-ups day after day, it’s about making sure you hit the muscle as hard as possible and let it grow on the days you aren’t working out on the muscle group so if the abdominals are still sore don’t work out on them until they have fully recovered.

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Stomach Toning Exercises For Women | Using An Abs Toning Belt

The Best Stomach Toning Exercises For Women

When I am working out on my abs ever now and then probably at least twice a month I like to use my abs toning belt and incorporate it into my abdominal workout, I also do this with the people I train, below I’m going to list the best stomach toning exercises for women or even the best abs workout for women using a abs toning belt.

First of training the abdominal section is like training any other body part, depending on how hard you train the muscle group this will decide how much rest you need to give the muscle to grow over the days ahead, so if your stomach is really sore the next day do not train the abs again until they are fully recovered or you will start to eat away at the muscle and it won’t tone or grow.

Click Here To Read The Reviews On The Slendertone System Abs Toning Belt For Women.

Stomach Toning Exercises For Women At Home

The exercises here you can do at home or in the gym also if you are only after a nice flat toned abdominal section then don’t incorporate the exercises with using the abs toning belt, the toning belt will do more than a good enough job to tone your stomach.

Here we go, first of find the setting level with the toning belt you are combatable with, laying flat on the floor on something combatable under you, put your hands by your sides and lift your legs and feet up towards the ceiling, at this point lift your bum of the floor as far as you can and squeeze the abs, you have to time this with the toning belt as the secret to any muscle building and toning is the squeeze at the top of the movement and the stretching of the muscle, without this the muscle won’t get the full benefit of the exercise.

I sometimes do this exercise on my bed as I can get a really good squeeze of the abs muscles at the top of the movement, you should be in a rep range of 15-20 and doing at least 4-5 sets give yourself very little time in between the sets but don’t forget the abs toning belt will still be working in-between the sets so you won’t get much rest any way.

We then move onto the next stomach toning exercise which is side crunches, position the toning belt onto your side oblique’s, then laying on your side perform a side crunch doing the same amount of sets and reps as stated above, do one side at a time so complete one side then turn over and complete the other side.

Less Is Better With Abs Toning Exercises

This might not sound like there is much of an abs workout here but don’t forget with the toning belt the abdominal muscles don’t get a chance to rest also whist doing the stomach exercises the belt is really squeezing the muscle making them work harder than if you were just doing the sit-ups on their own.

Don’t forget if you just want to tone your stomach then just use the toning belt on its own and work your way up to the top level setting on the belt, but if you want a deep cut abs section then incorporate the belt into the workout, so try these stomach toning exercises for women and see what you think, also get ready for the burn.

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Beurer Abdominal Toning Belt Review | Beurer EM 35 Electronic Stimulation Unit

  • Toning Belt Reviews
  • Toning Belt Reviews
  • May 18th, 2014
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Beurer Abdominal Toning Belt Reviews What Is So Good About It

Before we get into the full Beurer abdominal toning belt review, I just want to make clear that this toning belt does work as long as you give it a chance and don’t just expect to get an amazing abdominal mid section in a week, as of anything that involves toning and muscle building you have to train the muscle and then let it recover to grow and tone, also as I have said before make sure you are on a good diet and are losing fat as if you have a large layer of fat over your abs you won’t see any results, that said lets tell you about the Beurer EM 35 Electronic Stimulation Unit I have listed here.

Beurer Or Slendertone Toning Belts?

At the moment if use a Slendertone toning belt and incorporate it into my sit-ups workout this is to really blast the abs and to get a real deep cut look, I don’t advise this to everyone as it takes some time to get to this sort of level before training like that, the toning belt does a good enough job on its own anyway and my wife loves it and the results she gets are amazing, the problem and only real down side to the Slendertone abdominal toning belt is that you have to have sticky pads and replace them every now and then, but with the Beurer EM 35 toning unit there are no sticky pads to worry about it is just the belt, the belt has 40 different levels and comes in silver or a black colour, below is a revew from a customer from Amazon.

5.0 out of 5 stars Easy to use and does the job
I have been using this product most days for a month now and seeing good results.
I started using it on level 25 and have worked up to 35 over 3 weeks. The top level is 40.
I had a slendertone belt a few years ago, and gave up with it because it was ‘sticky’ with pricey pads which needed replacing quite often. Ditto the batteries.

Click Here To Read The Full Review on the Beurer EM 35 Electronic Stimulation Unit.

Now the person that has done the review above mentions about the sticky pads and the batteries run out quickly, this has never bothered me also I don’t find the batteries run out that quickly, I have to replace them every couple of weeks so I just have reachable batteries and put them on charge when I need to, also I find that with the pads you seem to get just that better squeeze from the toning belt on your stomach muscles

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