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Best Abdominal Workout For Men | Incorporating An Abs Toning Belt

The Best Abdominal Workout For Men Using An Toning Belt

I recently wrote a post on incorporating an abs toning belt for women in their abdominal workouts, as you will see the best abdominal workout for men isn’t that different in the way of exercises but we are going to turn up the intensity just a bit to get that deep cut look in the abs, we are going to be using a decline bench and a cable machine.

If you haven’t used an abdominal toning belt before then it might be wise before incorporating it into your abs workout use it on its own for a week or two to get used to it, you will be pleasantly surprised at the results it will give you, you may even just want to stick with the toning belt and not do any exercises as the exercises and workout I am going to list here is to get the deep cut look on your abs, bearing in mind that you are on a good diet and you don’t have a load of fat covering your abdominals you will see amazing results.

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Best Abs Workout For Men

First of we are going to be laying on a sit-up bench with our head at the feet end holding onto the pads, this is so our feet are were our head usually is when doing a sit up on the sit-up bench, set the abdominal toning belt to a level where you feel most comfortable then raising your legs so they are at a 90 degrees angle to your body then lifting your but up as far as you can squeezing your abs at the top of the movement, the squeeze and stretching of the muscles is the key to any muscle building in any muscle group, make sure you are in time with the toning belt and don’t leave to long of a rest between sets, as the belt will still be working when you are resting.

Do 4-5 sets with 15-20 reps the abdominal exercise will work your lower abs plus your upper abs, believe me his really burns my stomach aches for days after this workout.

The next best exercise is the side bend with a cable held in one hand, this will hit the oblique’s, set the toning belt to the side of your abs and choosing a weight on the machine and standing with your legs shoulder width apart keeping your body straight, keep in time with the belt and bend sideward’s squeezing your side abs when you can’t go any more to the side, complete one side then move onto the other side so complete the full lot of sets and reps then go to the other side.

Keep the sets between 4-5 and the reps between 12-18 , remember all the time you are resting between sets the abs toning belt is still working.

Abdominal Workouts Don’t Have To Be Done Day After Day

The best abdominal workout for men isn’t always about doing tons of sit-ups day after day, it’s about making sure you hit the muscle as hard as possible and let it grow on the days you aren’t working out on the muscle group so if the abdominals are still sore don’t work out on them until they have fully recovered.

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