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Beurer Abdominal Toning Belt Review | Beurer EM 35 Electronic Stimulation Unit

  • Toning Belt Reviews
  • Toning Belt Reviews
  • May 18th, 2014
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Beurer Abdominal Toning Belt Reviews What Is So Good About It

Before we get into the full Beurer abdominal toning belt review, I just want to make clear that this toning belt does work as long as you give it a chance and don’t just expect to get an amazing abdominal mid section in a week, as of anything that involves toning and muscle building you have to train the muscle and then let it recover to grow and tone, also as I have said before make sure you are on a good diet and are losing fat as if you have a large layer of fat over your abs you won’t see any results, that said lets tell you about the Beurer EM 35 Electronic Stimulation Unit I have listed here.

Beurer Or Slendertone Toning Belts?

At the moment if use a Slendertone toning belt and incorporate it into my sit-ups workout this is to really blast the abs and to get a real deep cut look, I don’t advise this to everyone as it takes some time to get to this sort of level before training like that, the toning belt does a good enough job on its own anyway and my wife loves it and the results she gets are amazing, the problem and only real down side to the Slendertone abdominal toning belt is that you have to have sticky pads and replace them every now and then, but with the Beurer EM 35 toning unit there are no sticky pads to worry about it is just the belt, the belt has 40 different levels and comes in silver or a black colour, below is a revew from a customer from Amazon.

5.0 out of 5 stars Easy to use and does the job
I have been using this product most days for a month now and seeing good results.
I started using it on level 25 and have worked up to 35 over 3 weeks. The top level is 40.
I had a slendertone belt a few years ago, and gave up with it because it was ‘sticky’ with pricey pads which needed replacing quite often. Ditto the batteries.

Click Here To Read The Full Review on the Beurer EM 35 Electronic Stimulation Unit.

Now the person that has done the review above mentions about the sticky pads and the batteries run out quickly, this has never bothered me also I don’t find the batteries run out that quickly, I have to replace them every couple of weeks so I just have reachable batteries and put them on charge when I need to, also I find that with the pads you seem to get just that better squeeze from the toning belt on your stomach muscles

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