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Do Abdominal Belts Work | Slendertone Belt Review

  • Toning Belt Reviews
  • Toning Belt Reviews
  • March 16th, 2012
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Do Abdominal Belts Work Here Is A Slendertone Belt Review

Do abdominal belts work, the amount of times I hear this is amazing, the short answer to this is yes but you have to get the right toning belt for your abs, the slendertone abs belt is as far as I’m concerned the best, and if you read any slendertone belt review you will be hard pushed to find a bad one, me and my wife’s favourite is the Slendertone Gymbody Plus Unisex Toning Belt she has had amazing results from it and so have I.

Let me tell you why I love this toning belt, my wife generally uses the toning belt just around the house or watching telly, I like to use it when I’m working out, this gives me an amazing intense workout not only on my abdominals as I’m training other body parts I gives my body a different kind of workout, as the body can’t figure out what is going on and how I work on two different areas of my body at once, this shocks the muscle into more growth.

Now giving you a slendertone belt review without you trying one is hard, also everyone has their own ideas on how they want their body to look, I like to look muscular and have a deep well cut abs section, the abs toning belt does a good job on its own without sit ups  but I like to add the belt to my sit up routine, I have always struggled to get a well cut abdominal section but since using the belt with my sit up routine I now have the mid section I have always wanted, my wife on the other hand doesn’t do any sit ups and her stomach is fantastic.

Toning Belts Dont Work If You Have Allot Of Fat

I have said before in other reviews that if you think that the toning belt is going to shift the fat then you are wrong they don’t, also if you have layers of fat hiding your stomach muscles then no matter how hard you workout on you abs you’re not going to see them, so a good diet is a complete must if you really want to see results.

How do abdominal belts work is the other question allot of people ask, well its quite straight forward really if you have ever used a tens machine it’s a bit like that, electricity comes into the belt charges the pads and squeezes your stomach muscles in the same way as you would a sit up, if you go to the page on this website that is titled toning belt reviews I explain how you can do a little test to see how it feels and how they work.

By squeezing the abdominals over and over again this stimulates the muscle fibres breaking them down, then after your abs belt workout you let your muscle fibres repair themselves and grow with rest and a good diet, head over to this link and read some more slendertone reviews.

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