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Stomach Toning Exercises For Women | Using An Abs Toning Belt

The Best Stomach Toning Exercises For Women

When I am working out on my abs ever now and then probably at least twice a month I like to use my abs toning belt and incorporate it into my abdominal workout, I also do this with the people I train, below I’m going to list the best stomach toning exercises for women or even the best abs workout for women using a abs toning belt.

First of training the abdominal section is like training any other body part, depending on how hard you train the muscle group this will decide how much rest you need to give the muscle to grow over the days ahead, so if your stomach is really sore the next day do not train the abs again until they are fully recovered or you will start to eat away at the muscle and it won’t tone or grow.

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Stomach Toning Exercises For Women At Home

The exercises here you can do at home or in the gym also if you are only after a nice flat toned abdominal section then don’t incorporate the exercises with using the abs toning belt, the toning belt will do more than a good enough job to tone your stomach.

Here we go, first of find the setting level with the toning belt you are combatable with, laying flat on the floor on something combatable under you, put your hands by your sides and lift your legs and feet up towards the ceiling, at this point lift your bum of the floor as far as you can and squeeze the abs, you have to time this with the toning belt as the secret to any muscle building and toning is the squeeze at the top of the movement and the stretching of the muscle, without this the muscle won’t get the full benefit of the exercise.

I sometimes do this exercise on my bed as I can get a really good squeeze of the abs muscles at the top of the movement, you should be in a rep range of 15-20 and doing at least 4-5 sets give yourself very little time in between the sets but don’t forget the abs toning belt will still be working in-between the sets so you won’t get much rest any way.

We then move onto the next stomach toning exercise which is side crunches, position the toning belt onto your side oblique’s, then laying on your side perform a side crunch doing the same amount of sets and reps as stated above, do one side at a time so complete one side then turn over and complete the other side.

Less Is Better With Abs Toning Exercises

This might not sound like there is much of an abs workout here but don’t forget with the toning belt the abdominal muscles don’t get a chance to rest also whist doing the stomach exercises the belt is really squeezing the muscle making them work harder than if you were just doing the sit-ups on their own.

Don’t forget if you just want to tone your stomach then just use the toning belt on its own and work your way up to the top level setting on the belt, but if you want a deep cut abs section then incorporate the belt into the workout, so try these stomach toning exercises for women and see what you think, also get ready for the burn.

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